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    natural and open sound suitable for instrument miking applications in the studio or on the stage lends itself to acoustic guitar, strings, piano and wind instruments   d:screet™ 4090 is a high quality omn

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    This miniature condenser microphone achieves full-sounding pickup and is known for outstanding consistency and dependable performance. Supplied with both a clothing clip and guitar mount, it provides natural and articulate vocal reproduction when used as a clip-on lavalier and excels in pickup of acoustic guitar. The PRO 70 is designed to make music and...

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    Over five years in development, the Woodpecker is the only choice when searching for the smoky, warm, classic sound of a ribbon, but without sacrificing the bright presence of top-end. The Woodpecker is designed to deliver the wide frequency response needed in today’s modern recording environment. With its focused mid-range, ultra-smooth top end and...

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