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Neumann KH 750 DSP Agrandir l'image

Neumann KH 750 DSP

Fabricant : Neumann

Le KH 750 DSP compact est le choix idéal pour les petites salles et les moniteurs de studio plus petits, tels que le KH 80 DSP. Il possède un gestionnaire de...

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1 289,00 € TTC

    Le KH 750 DSP compact est le choix idéal pour les petites salles et les moniteurs de studio plus petits, tels que le KH 80 DSP. Il possède un gestionnaire de graves 2.0 / 0.1 unique et flexible permettant au subwoofer d’être utilisé dans de nombreuses configurations de système différentes.

    Le panneau arrière comporte des entrées et des sorties analogiques et numériques, quatre modes de routage et des commandes acoustiques adaptables permettant une intégration système transparente. Le logiciel Neumann.Control donne accès à de nombreuses fonctions supplémentaires à l'intérieur du subwoofer. Le KH 750 DSP peut être utilisé dans les studios de musique, de radiodiffusion et de post-production pour le suivi, le mixage et le mastering.

    Caractéristiques :
    - Équipement : haut-parleur de graves de 10"
    - Puissance nominale : 256 Watt
    - Niveau maximal : 105,0 dB
    - Réponse en fréquence : 18 - 750 Hz
    - 4 modes de LFE différents sélectionnables
    - Fréquence de coupure : 80 Hz, fixe ou 60 - 100 Hz via Neumann.Control-App
    - Contrôle acoustique avec 8 filtres entièrement paramétriques via l'application Neumann
    - Filtre FIR : Correction de phase pour sorties analogiques
    - Mode veille commutable
    - Entrées/sorties analogiques en XLR
    - Entrées/sorties numériques en BNC (75 Ohm, AES3)
    - Connexion au logiciel Neumann.Control via connecteur RJ45
    - Dimensions : 383 x 330 x 383 mm
    - Poids : 19,5 kg

    Compact ultra stiff wooden cabinet

    • Tough painted finish and high density rubber isolating feet
    • Excellent self-damping properties leading to minimal cabinet resonances
    • No standing wave resonances inside cabinet
    • Tight bass sound due to very low group delay

    In-house modelled long-throw bass driver with Extremely Linear Force Factor™ (ELFF™) and robust built-in grille

    • Damping of break up modes brings low distortion at high sound levels
    • Extremely linear force factor provides low harmonic distortion even at high excursions
    • Reduced air noise and improved rocking modes
    • Grille protects against mechanical damage

    2.0/ 0.1 Bass Management

    • Stereo and externally bass managed applications
    • Bypassable 4th order crossover for maximum compatibility with consumer reproduction systems
    • Allows main loudspeakers to play louder and with lower distortion

    Four routing modes

    • Stereo 80 Hz bass management
    • External bass management
    • LFE up to 120 Hz
    • LFE full range

    XLR electronically balanced analog inputs and outputs

    • Standard interfacing to professional equipment
    • Daisy chain output for subwoofer arrays

    Wide range input gain and output level controls

    • Easier interfacing with signal sources

    8-position phase control, continuous low cut control

    • More control in various acoustical environments
    • Easy to correct room modes

    Universal switched-mode power supply (100 … 240 V)

    • One version works in any country and robust to poor quality mains supply

    Ground lift

    • Reduced noise in electrically noisy environments and overcomes ground loops

    Low heat dissipation amplifiers with large headroom and sophisticated protection circuitry

    • Improved transient response
    • Assured reliability and safety

    Separate thermo limiter to protect the voice coil and power amplifier

    • Soft clip and excursion limiters
    • Increases system reliability
    • Allows extraction of the maximum performance from the system

    Digital input and output

    • 192 kHz, 24-bit conversion
    • BNC connector: AES3 and S/P-DIF signals

    Network connector using standard IP protocol and your existing network infrastructure

    • Loudspeaker system can be controlled via the Neumann.Control iPad® app

    Control function

    • Use the back panel controls or the control set defined by the Neumann.Control iPad® app

    Standby function

    • Reduces power consumption when product is not in use

    More features (with Neumann.Control iPad® app)

    • Lip-sync delay (100 ms): To align audio and video signals up to 2.5 frames at 50 Hz or 3 frames at 60 Hz
    • Time-of-flight delay (2 x 20.8 ms): To compensate for listening distance differences up to 7.2 m (12 ft 5 in)

    The KH 750 DSP and the Neumann.Control iPad® app

    By combining the KH 750 DSP with the freely available iPad® app (version 3.0 or newer), the subwoofer becomes the intelligent control center of every Neumann stereo setup. In addition to the KH 80 DSP, the KH 120, KH 310 and KH 420** analog monitors now also benefit from the DSP power of the KH 750 DSP.

    The iPad® connects to the subwoofer via a standard IP network with an Ethernet cable between the router and subwoofer. The stereo pair receives the analog audio signal directly from the subwoofer.

    The system offers the following functions in the setup/adjustment phase:

    • Guided Alignment – a patented process where you are asked simple questions about the room and the loudspeaker/subwoofer position, the app adjusts the response of each loudspeaker/subwoofer accordingly.
    • Manual Alignment – expert users have complete freedom to adjust an 8-band fully parametric equalizer, levels and the time-of-flight delay in each loudspeaker/subwoofer as they wish. Manual Alignment can also be used to edit Guided Alignments in a more detailed way.
    • Individual X-Over optimization between the subwoofer and the connected Neumann monitors, depending on the monitor model used.
    • DSP-based phase linearization also of the connected analog Neumann studio monitors for an even more transparent sound image.
    • Use of the digital inputs (S/P-DIF and AES3) of the subwoofer for the entire system
    • Lip sync delay for the complete setup

    After setup, the iPad® can be removed if necessary; the settings are permanently stored in the subwoofer.

    During operation, the iPad® offers:

    • Switching between different setups and alignments
    • Volume control, saving and recalling volume presets
    • Dim, Solo, Mute, Mute all

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